Clear Correct Invisible Braces

Clear Correct Clear Braces


What is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is a clear and simple alternative to braces that can effectively straighten your teeth. The best part is that in this procedure, no wires or brackets are used. To be precise, these are clear and custom-made aligners that are also removable. And, results can be gradually observed once you start wearing them regularly. These aligners effectively move your teeth to work on improving the overall alignment.

Is it right for you?

ClearCorrect is an apt solution for people who have misaligned teeth and looking for a reliable treatment. Especially, those who do not want to suffer a side effect which can bother their later lives! And, if you are one among them, then look no further as this is a perfect fit for you as well. Undeniably, every case and its complexities are different and based on this only your orthodontist can determine how to go about the treatment.

Compare ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect provides the benefits of braces without the limitations found in other clear aligner products:

Superior clarity
 — ClearCorrect is one of the clearest aligner products available.

Excellent hygiene — ClearCorrect is removable so you can brush and floss like normal; plus the smooth surface finish of ClearCorrect aligners won’t trap bacteria so you can clean them easily, unlike braces and other aligner products.

Enhanced control — ClearCorrect gives your doctor a level of control during treatment previously only available with braces, ensuring at the end of treatment, you get the straight smile you’ve always wanted.

What can it do?

No matter what’s the degree of misalignment, crowding or gaps between the teeth, ClearCorrect is a one-stop solution for all these issues. Be assured that this aligner can effectively straighten your teeth to let you get a smile you have always desired

Here’s a simple look at what ClearCorrect is and how it works.

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