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I cannot thank Dr Yazdi enough for how my smile looks. From the first day, he told me what needed to be done to improve my teeth. He took the time to find out if I could get implants when other professionals said I could only get a bridge. If you want a Dr who cares about you smile and your wallet, go see Dr Yazdi.

- Derek H.
Valley Village

I had Dr. Yazdi as MY orthodontist back in the mid 90′s. Everyone complimented me on my beautiful smile! Flash forward to 2012, now my son, who very desparately needed braces is in the very capable hands of Dr. Yazdi. He had a terrible overbite and was at the risk of needing jaw surgery if we didn’t treat him soon. Dr. Yazdi knew just what to do and now, two years into the treatment, my son’s bite is just perfect! Dr. Yazdi really is knowledgeable about his field and I trust that soon, everyone will be complimenting my son on HIS beautiful smile!

- Lisa S.
Granada Hills

I’ve been with Dr. Yazdi since 2007, so I know him quite well by now. All I can say is that this guy knows his stuff and he is a fantastic orthodontist. Let me explain.

When I first came to him, I had what you call a “horse face”, which included an overbite, exposed gums when I smiled, a crowded mouth, a high palate, and an underdeveloped jaw. He told me I had 2 options for fixing my teeth: one was to have braces on for 2 years to fix the overbite and get rid of the crowded mouth, and the other was to spend about 3 to 4 years completely changing the way my face was structured by getting jaw surgery. It was a no-brainer for me because more than anything I was desperate to look more “normal”. Throughout my life I had so little confidence because of my facial appearance, and here was this man who said he could change all of that for me.

The next 4 years Dr. Yazdi and his staff showed nothing but professionalism and excellent technical skill as they tweaked my mouth in preparation for the jaw surgery I had at Kaiser Sunset in the spring of 2010. When they were performing on me, they always made sure to ask if I felt uncomfortable or off. Dr. Yazdi greets every patient even if s/he comes for a routine check-up that doesn’t take much time. If he ever felt that my teeth were not where he wanted them to be, he took his time to perfect them and never, ever rushed me into the surgery like some orthodontists might do. Right after the surgery he and his staff kept a close eye on me and made sure that my jaw was healing the way it should. He gave me every reason to trust his judgment, and I am NOT disappointed at all because I look like a totally different person now. You don’t know how wonderful it is to look normal unless you’ve been abnormal your whole life.

One thing I’ve always noticed and liked about Dr. Yazdi is that he is a really sweet, calm dude. A lot of healthcare professionals get a bad rap because they are arrogant and pretentious, but the lack of attitude in the Yaz (as I like to call him) is refreshing. He knows how to make his patients feel very comfortable, he never talks down to the patients and parents, and this separates him from a lot of other orthodontists and dentists I’ve met. The atmosphere in his office is very chill and relaxed. For parents with little children, he always has a DVD turned on, and there are a lot of children’s books and magazines.

His prices are very reasonable. For the great work he does, he could charge way more than he does right now.

Thank you Dr. Yazdi. You pretty much changed my entire life, and I don’t know how to repay you.

- Jenn K.
Los Angeles

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